m_̎wER@iPostgraduate Supervisionj

PhD Theses (Main Supervisor)

Hansamali Amarasinghe :  gInstitutional Constraints on Economic Development: Lessons from Asia with Special Reference to Sri Lankah. Co-Supervisor: Prof. Yonekura Shigeru, 2009, (Japan)


PhD Theses (External/Co- Supervisor)

Bandulasena Wanniarachchi: gParticipation and Sustainable Rural Development: The Case of Sri Lankah. External Supervisor, Graduate School of Economics, Ryukoku University, 2004


Keisuke Nishikawa: gEconomic Development in the South Pacific Island States: An Analysis of Remittances and Official Aid in Samoah. External Supervisor, Centre for Development Studies, The University of Auckland, New Zealand, 2008


N.P. Dammika Padmakanthi: gAn Alternative Approach to Poverty Alleviation through a Risk Management Micro Financial Services: A Study of Sri Lankah. Main Supervisor: Prof. Yonekura Shigeru, 2009, (Japan)


Syafriadi: gAssessing the Development of Market Operations in Indonesia: Revisiting the Role of Central Bank Certificatesh. Main Supervisor: Prof. Yonekura Shigeru, 2009, (Japan)

PhD Theses in Progress
Kage Rie: "International Migration and Economic Development in Asia: The Case of Sri Lankah. Co-Supervisor: Prof Tomita Yoshinori.

W.M.A.G.H.A. Premarathne: gImpacts of Formal and Informal Institutions on Agricultural Development in Asia: The Experience of Sri Lankah.  Co-Supervisor: Prof. Prof Isagai Nobuo.